Lifts and Light

I’m so used to seeing McLaren P1’s in Race Mode, but I really like to shoot them when the chassis lift is activated. Plenty of clearance when you need it, slammed to the deck for proper aero when you want it. And there’s even a setting in the middle to use on the road. I expect to see this feature with increasing frequency on cars of the future.

lift street

Also, I just got a GoPro Hero 3+! Okay, I know I’m a little behind, especially because the Hero 5 was announced this week. But hey, all my GoPros so far have been free, so I’m not really complaining. Here’s the first photo I took with it, from a drive last weekend.

sun hero

Looks fine on my Macbook, but a little dull on my (calibrated) work monitor. Hmm. I think I should calibrate my Mac.

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