McCall’s Motorworks Revival 2016 at Monterey Jet Center

Everyone hears words like “Quail” and “Pebble Beach” and instantly recognizes the glitz and glamour. But there’s another spectacular Car Week event in Monterey that’s not nearly as well known.


It’s called McCall’s Motorworks Revival and it’s held every year at the Monterey Jet Center. It’s been on my radar for a few years, but I’ll be honest: like the other prestigious events during Car Week, the price of a ticket was simply too much to justify.


This year, however, I had the opportunity to attend thanks to these. My dealership brought the Blade Silver 570S, and McLaren brought out their Cobalt Violet 570GT show car.


This was actually my very first time seeing the new 570GT, so I had to check out the one thing I was most curious about.


I went over and popped open the Jaguary E-Type inspired rear hatch. After all, it’s the main party piece, so I figured it should be kept open.


McLaren was also showing off this 570S GT4.


There were great private contributions as well, like this M8D…


…as well as Bruce Canepa’s P1 GTR.


There was even a “road legal” P1 GTR, although its legality status is fragile at best. Let’s just say it’s registered in Montana and leave it at that.


If you haven’t really caught up with the Fast and Furious franchise like me (I stopped after Tokyo Drift…how could it really get better than that?), you might not recognize these cars. This stand was by W Motors, and the car in the background is the Lykan Hypersport, while the car in the foreground is named the Fenyr SuperSport. And apparently, the Lykan Hypersport was featured in Furious 7.


From cars designed with vector graphics to the absolutely classic lines of a Porsche. People get all fussy about widebodies these days, but I heard no one cry foul on this subtly widened longhood.


The upside to the entry cost is the quality of atmosphere. Well-dressed employees serving fancy food and drinks to well-dressed patrons.


Surely it’s not a coincidence that the air intake looks like something from the animal kingdom.


3.5? Cheeky.


Back on the exotic side, there were other exclusive supercars from the likes of Pagani and Koenigsegg.


Unfortunately, as Art reported after spending time in the Huayra BC with Dino of Speedhunters, these cars are hardly drivable on the roads of California. It bottoms out on mainstream highways, and twisty mountain roads? With that low ride height and extended aero, forget about it.


That’s why I’m automatically more inclined to like something like this, because you can drive it anywhere. And, like the Pagani, the craftsmanship on a Singer is simply of out of this world.


I love when they preserve a race car just as it won a race. This particular NASCAR evokes images of a packed Victory Lane with confetti raining down on a triumphant driver, holding his bottle of Coke, of course.


Someone asked me if it would be possible to eat and drink the value of an entrance ticket. Well, I suppose it’s possible but I would hope you have a ride home at the end of it! However, I do have to mention that of all the events I’ve done and all the hor d’oeuvres I’ve eaten, this event takes the cake for best food and drink. So there was no shame in grabbing something every time you saw that tray floating around.


There were so many E9’s that it was a bit overwhelming.


This sexy green number was probably my favorite, though.


But I don’t mind the bumpers.


I love the interiors in these cars, especially in black. The later model (E21?) sport seats are a nice touch as well.


This, however, was the most shocking thing I saw. I would never expect to see a Ferrari done quite like this, and I’m not sure if a 400i is the most logical, or least logical choice for this treatment.


If you want to read more about this car, check out this article. You’re not looking at the original 4.8L engine, but the 5.7L out of the (you guessed it) 575M that is actually 75lbs lighter.


The interior was stripped out, and in fact they took more than 1,000lbs out of this Italian pig.


Of course, it’s not exactly a street car, but that’s not relevant. After all the work done to it I’m sure it’s a blast to drive!


One thing you do expect is spilled wine, because there’s always somebody who can’t handle themselves. Always, you ask? Yes, in fact at every McLaren party I’ve worked where wine is served, someone spills their drink.


Back to things I never expected, how about an Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Spyder!?


What a cool looking car, in such a beautiful color to boot.


I see a lot of amazing cars so I’m pretty desensitized, but this is one of those cars that existed only for me on the pages of Top Gear. To actually see a real one that was clearly driven (the front had a few bugs on it) was a real treat.


How about a salty Ferrari? This 550 had come straight from the salt flats and was still dripping of the white stuff.


Looking back, I realized that I treated the planes as more a backdrop than anything else. What a bummer. It was cool to see a HondaJet, and I wanted to board, but not only was there a huge line but you had to take your shoes off before entry. How delightfully Japanese!


Earlier in this post you may have noticed a crew of women in black dresses serving hard liquor. Accordingly, in this section that featured makeup and jewelry, the drinks booth was staffed by these dapper gentlemen.


With the sun getting low, I was back in the fray where chatting overtook shooting. Well, that was exciting, but it was only a prelude for what was to come: Pebble Beach!

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