What in the wide world of sports is going on here?


At the recent Canepa Cars & Coffee meet there was a lot going on as usual, like this 240SX that arrived well before I did and was just sitting in a puddle of its coolant all day. At some point, I saw the (young) owner get in the car and casually drive away. Okay then.


But when the light is just right, my photo senses tingle and I forget about all that. The heavy fog that persisted even as the sun rose opened up opportunities for clean 3/4 shots as I’m always prone to taking, but nature’s diffuser made me think about detail shots.


For a brief time I worked with a woman who had a very keen sense of aesthetics. Talking to her gave me a lot of different ideas, but one particular thing has always stood out. She once showed me this shot someone had taken of a Lamborghini Miura, showing the interior and exterior in a very evocative way. I liked it, but I also knew I could do it even better.


Voilà! I finally nailed it. I’ve tried this shot on quite a few different cars and it never quite felt right until this 356 came along. And looking at this shot, it does feel right; this is exactly what I wanted. Alright, now I can finally quit photography and become a librarian.

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