Nationals Treasure

If you want to see proper cars, go to a track. Even if that track actually consists of cones on an empty airfield, you’ll still be in for a treat.


Drew and I met up in east San Jose and took the twisty route up and over Mt. Hamilton to the tiny town of Crows Landing to check out an SCCA Solo (aka Autocross) Championship Tour event. I’ve participated in a few autocrosses throughout the years in my Miatas and FR-S, but I’d never been out to Crows Landing nor had I seen a national-level event.


Immediately, we came upon a few other cool cars in the spectator area, like this Esprit…


…and this Cayman GT4.


Quite literally every single time I have ever been to an autocross, that gentleman named Mark has been out there racing his Formula Ford. Talk about hardcore.


I’ve actually autocrossed with this guy in the Jaguar as well. Some people use autocross as a stepping stone for other motorsport, but there are some real die hards out there who stick with this sport year in and year out.




My beloved FR-S/BRZ was originally placed in CS (C Street) but was demoted to DS. That may have something to do with how ridiculously good at cone carving the ND Miata is in stock form.


I didn’t expect to see an A70 Supra out there.


Or an Acura TL for that matter! Check out the serious business aero.




I didn’t stick around long enough to see if this A-Mod beast got the overall fastest time, but I’m sure it was close.


I believe this is a snowmobile engine with a CVT..? They do some interesting stuff when the rules are free.



Autocross is great for seeing “stupid” cars in their most badass form.


For me, the quintessential FF autocross car: 1989 Civic Si. Winner of many STS championships.



Since there are so many classes, you get to see fully built cars of all types, from tiny European…


…to huge American.


Hey, we didn’t even get this Elise in the US!


Sneaking in a WRB BRZ, because this one was looking especially clean with Tom’s rear tail lights.


The only time I’ve ever seen a Factory Five 818. Interesting vehicle.


“AUTOX4D” Great plate for this ’67 Chevelle sedan.


Another big sedan. I wanted to say American, but despite the badge it’s really Australian, isn’t it?



This Camaro is another mainstay I’ve seen constantly throughout my years of autocross.


I’ve always wanted to drive a Miata with no windshield. The top of the windshield is always right in my face when I drive them!


By the way, yes, there were Porsches. There are Porsches entered into pretty much every event they’re eligible for.


But I’m here for the funky stuff, like this old Datsun (I guess there aren’t really any “new Datsuns”, eh?).


Ok, there’s an action shot. Autocross is normally a pretty weak spectator sport, but the nature of Crow’s Landing means they only come within 200 feet of the paddock for a few seconds of this track’s XL lap time. That’s why, after getting our fill of the paddock, it was time to hit the road.

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