Slow Roller

I’m all about the slow pan; of all the photography techniques that’s probably my favorite. Normally, one of the challenges of hand-held photography is to keep the camera perfectly still, but with panning shots you’re shooting an object in motion with a camera in motion. Fascinating.

parking pan

This was taken in the middle of a low-speed parking maneuver, but the 1/15 shutter speed really exaggerates it. When Brendan posted it up on Instagram, he got a bunch of comments like, “Sweet parking lot hoonage”. Job done, then.

poppin' a squat

The most annoying thing when I’m trying to take a panning shot is when people see me and slow down. Keep going! On the other hand, these guys in the 912E saw me and went flat-out. The car squatted, made a lot of noise, but with a whopping 80hp it didn’t really go anywhere. But I still got the shot.

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