Miscellaneous Debris

What have I been up to for the past few months? Certainly not updating this site, anyway.

Thunderhill 2015 Sunday-039

Well…I’ve been shooting for the “Meritor ChampTruck World Series”. That’s been fun.

my tow rig is cleaner than your show car

Traveling with a series means I get to see some really interesting stuff from all ends of the automotive enthusiast spectrum.


1.5 miatas

However, from slammed big rigs to a Miata wearing a Datsun wagon body, one thing is evident.


Everybody wants to be low.

up the twists

Well, sometimes you want to get up high.

knurled knobs

Anyway, I’ve been spending a lot of time with this thing–the new XC90. I’m not really happy with the shots I’ve taken so far but I have the car at hand now so it’s just a matter of actually taking it out and shooting it. (I know, that last bit sounds really bad taken out of context. Photographers got stuck with a lousy verb for the act of creating our craft)

Alviso Miata-044

I had the chance to shoot a very cool Miata in a very stinky town.

it's here!

But mainly, I’ve just been shooting this sort of exotica and getting extremely desensitized in the process.

panels and seats

I also shoot a lot of new and used Volvos. Check this combo out. When was the last time you saw a Power Blue/Beechwood S60 with Sport Package and piano black trim? There’s a good chance you haven’t. And an even higher chance that it would be hard for you to care less about Volvo color combos and option packages.

badass pit truck

But around here, I just post whatever interests me, which could be anything, really.

no barrier to the trees

The next post should be about the latest changes that have come to the Oregon Trail 993. Stay tuned.

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