Heat Cycles

Man, I love the look of tortured tires. Not only is there something extremely interesting in a fractalized sort of way about seeing the actual tire compound transform from smooth to stippled, it’s also a clear indication of the amount of energy put through them–energy that can only come from spirited driving.

heat cycles

In this context, it’s also nice to see these tires because I know they’ve been recycled. We get plenty of take-offs from track-used cars, like the set you see here. Instead of sending them to the big tire fire in the sky, we slapped them on our demo 650S to essentially get some “free” miles out of them. Another benefit, if you’d like to look at it that way, is that the car moves around a bit more on the ‘normal’ P Zero compared to the stickier P Zero Corsa that are a no-cost option on the 650S. Grip is great, but so is sliding around…the trick is to find the balance. Easier said than done, for sure.

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