Now That’s a Great Highway

Yesterday I washed my car and while the rest of the Bay Area was languishing at 90 degrees, I was chilling (quite literally) under the San Francisco fog.

city cacti

Someone left their house across the street and asked me why I was taking pictures–was I selling the car? I get that a lot.

neither here nor there

I guess it should be no surprise that most people can’t fathom the thought of taking photos of your car…I mean, have you ever taken a photo of your washing machine or refrigerator? Exactly.

pistons in the road

I wash my car religiously. No, not with a bible and holy water; I just prefer to always be driving a clean car.

lonely on the block

Although some have described this house as “lonely”, I think it would be awesome to have the only house on the entire block. Streets on all sides!

curb up

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