Staggering Sizes

19×8.5″ and 20×11″ — those are the OEM wheel sizes for the McLaren 12C and 650S. The double staggered sizing allows a nimble front-end feel with enough grip out back to handle over 600 horsepower and slightly more than 57% of the car’s weight. But for some people, bigger is always better. So instead of the stock 19/20, this 12C owner decided to upsize to 20/21.

the doors



I’m not convinced of any performance enhancements, but it’s hard to deny that they suit the look of the car. It’s incredibly rare to see a set of 21’s that look good, and these fit the bill nicely. The stealthy McLaren center caps are a nice touch too.

axis powers

In closing, here’s a Diablo GT on Work Meister S1’s.


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